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Nurturing Fibres & Good Loops Yarn: Two Peas in a Pod

Things You May Or May Not Know about NF...

You may know all about Nurturing Fibres, and its head "Yarn Boss" Carle. You may follow them on Instagram, on Facebook, be part of their CALS groups, and even have been so fortunate as to work with some of their yarns. 

But... did you know that Nurturing Fibres' has worldwide recognition (especially in Europe and Australia, even Japan!). It is one of the most popular and respected yarn names in South Africa. It has an incredible network of brand representatives, who each get a delightful yarn box every single month to enjoy and play with. Not to mention, so many patterns, one wouldn't know where to start!

The Yarn

Their yarn quality is outstanding, their color ranges a feast for the senses. Their photos are simply captivating. When that yarn arrives in your hands- it smells clean and oh so fresh. 

I could go on and on... yet the reasons listed above are not the only reasons that we chose to launch our brand with Nurturing Fibres.  

The People

To meet Carle, to experience the energy and passion she has for her craft, is to begin to scratch the surface- the sheer amount of love, thought, effort & care that she pours into all she chooses to do is what made us fall head over heels in love. Here is a woman who deeply cares about people, her community, her environment, and our world. 

In her own words: I chose the name Nurturing Fibres for my Indie dyeing label because I nurture colour into the yarn and then you, the knitter, crocheter, weaver then nurture the yarn into a garment. Finally the garment nurtures and comforts.

How does it all fit in with Good Loops?

Good Loops Yarn is about Good Yarn that we love, that we can trust, that is of good quality, and that we will want to use again and again, and whose color ranges will satisfy even the most imaginative of needle artists. 

More importantly, we are about Great People. We simply could not have dreamt of a better partner to launch our company with. A partner who shares an intense passion for our craft, who believes in integrity, in commitment, in great quality and superb service. 



We look forward to a fantastic journey together. We are so glad to have you, our customers visit our website! We certainly hope that you enjoy what we have lovingly put together for you. 

Time's a-wastin'! Let's get you all set with some sumptuous  Nurturing Fibres yarn!

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Want to know more about Carle and her team? Click here 



  • Hello Rita!

    The pattern you’re asking about can be found here:

    Stephanie Shelton
  • I was at the CGOA conference and bought some of the eco lush yarn. One of your girls was crocheting a corner to corner shawl with it and I bought the same lilac colors. She said the pattern was on the website but I don’t see it. Could you tell me how I can get it? That’s the reason I bought the yarn.

    Thanks for your time!

    Rita Sullivan
  • Hi Dawn!
    We are an online business! I live in South Africa, and Stephanie lives in the USA. We distribute the yarns from the US, which makes it simpler for you guys to receive them = )

    Jennifer Botha
  • Hi Wanda! Thanks for letting us know! I have fixed the link now.
    Happy Yarning!

    Jennifer Botha
  • When I click on Shop Now, I get an error message. 404 page not found. The page you requested does not exist.


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