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Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2020!

When Steph and I started Good Loops, we would have probably laughed in disbelief if someone had told us we would be in New York, at the 10th anniversary of Vogue Knitting Live! (Maybe you don't know- in our yarn industry, this show is a big deal!)

Bonnie Barker, Stephanie Shelton, Jennifer Botha, Jane Christians & a fan
From Left to Right: Yarn Boss Jen, Awesome Customer Yvette, Director of Squish Stephanie, Designer Extraordinaire Bonnie Barker and Yarn Mami Jane.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that we don't believe in ourselves. It was more about trying to be realistic, to remain grounded, humble and all that... 
Like all our achievements so far, it can only be said that we got to NYC with a bit of direction, loads of teeth-gnashing, and bucket-loads of hope. You see, by all accounts and common sense, New York was not for us. A pipe-dream, un-doable and unreachable for 2 gals that just launched their online store. 
And yet...
In Venezuela, there is a saying: "To knock, is not to go in". It means that you don't lose anything by trying! ("Tocar la puerta no es entrar" for you linguists at heart). Fueled by a seemingly inexhaustible naivete and encourageable heart, I sent VKL an email. Umm.... by the way... would you have space for us? 
That was May 2019. We received an email in return- Good Loops was 19th on their waiting list. Wowee!! We ACTUALLY had made it to their waiting list? I was so excited to at least be considered, we would have settled for that. 
A month passed, then five... but no answer yet. I would reach out every so often, to see how our application was doing. Every time we were a little closer- but not quite there. I figured, if VKL NYC 2020 is meant for us, then things will fall into place without having to force them. 
Imagine our excitement and surprise when we received our acceptance email! 
3 months, 167 kg of yarn and more grey hairs than I'd care to admit to later... we were there!


The view from our room  It is difficult to describe just how overwhelming the VKL event is... hundreds of vendors, spread over 2 floors of a very large hotel, thousands of people and more yarn in one place than you ever thought possible!

yes, all those boxes are ours...

At this stage, Bonnie, Steph, Yarn Mami, Ann, Yolanda and I weren't quite sure how we could possibly manage to get all that yarn into some sort of stall people would like to spend time in...

Somehow, we managed it! Our beautiful stall

Shoppers loving the Eco-Bamboo!


WATCH STEPHANIE'S WALK AROUND on her channel It's Crochet O'Clock


We met some fabulous and lovely people! Some of our customers came from very far to meet us! How exciting!

No trip would be complete without proper culinary adventures, and we sure enjoyed ours in New York! Just around the corner from the hotel, we had Junior's, a great diner-style place. Two blocks away, we discovered a delightful Italian restaurant- Trecolori, and OFFICIALLY THE BEST TIRAMISU I HAVE EVER HAD. EVER. And no, I am not sharing. 

Spending all day indoors, I was always glad to get out and walk around- here are some shots of the city. Stephanie got to visit the studio of her favorite designer Carolina Herrera. I ran into a friend at Knitty City, a great LYS up by 75th. 

Here we are, after all had been packed up and we could rest.  Steph and I would like to extend a special thank you all of you who supported us, with encouraging words, with your presence and your credit cards! 

A shout out to: 

Yarn Mami- Jane (Jen's mom), who travelled from Pretoria to help out. She discovered a special talent, she is officially the best PR representative Good Loops could ever hope for!
Designer Extraordinaire- Bonnie Barker (Bonnie Bay Crochet). Bonnie came from Washington, to support us with her designs, her love and incredible hard work. 
Awesome Customers - Ann and Yolanda, who came all the way from South Africa to enjoy the show. They also worked hard, kept us caffeinated and made sure the skeins and yarn balls were just like I like them.  

A yarn adventure would not be complete without me struggling to get out of bed, dramatically taking a rest where ever I collapse, and some Prosecco at the end.

Till next time!

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