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About Us


The idea for Good Loops came up as one of those “Wouldn’t It Be Awesome…” moments that involve copious amounts of food & wine.

We jumped on the opportunity to help international yarn companies to grow their exposure in the North American market. We sell directly to you, our fabulous customers. No more long waits, customs hassles, or parcels lost over the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf! Yay! 

We look forward to becoming your favorite place to shop, taking care of your yarney needs, and to getting to know you. 




We believe in high quality, beautiful products that are a joy to work with. 

Our yarns are made with natural plant and animal fibers produced in a socially and environmentally conscious manner. 

The companies we work with are just as passionate about their craft, their products, and the people that they employ and their customers as we are! 

People are our priority. We love you! 



Jennifer A.K.A Yarn Boss


Jen is a child of the world. Creative, dynamic, and well-organized, she inherited her mother's great taste and her father's diplomatic manner. Our world explorer, she has friends & family all over the world and loves to visit all the yarn stores, dyers and manufacturers possible during her travels. She absolutely loves people and their stories. 

She is the connector and leader of the team. Need something done? Let’s make a plan! Problems are simply opportunities in disguise. 

She is open-hearted & kind. She dreams that Good Loops Yarn will be a long-lasting, meaningful business that loves deeply and treads lightly. 


Stephanie A.K.A Director of Squish 


Steph is our organizer and list maker. She is courageous and will not hesitate to say all the things that we should say, but we are unable or unwilling to. She is passionate, thorough, dedicated and loyal. She will pour her heart and soul into the smallest or largest of tasks, and she will do so with fabulous Southern flair. 

She cares for all our affiliates and designers, and makes sure that they all have their gorgeous designs and patterns ready on time, for your needle crafting delight. 

She ensures that all our i's are dotted, and all our t's are crossed. She makes our lofty goals and ideas concrete. She celebrates all our victories and mourns all our losses, when we are unable to. 

Rest assured, your yarney parcels are in the most capable hands possible!




We count on the on-going support from our two partner companies.


Aetoric Design Jacob is our brand developer and organizer. He held our hand through the process of making our brand positively delightful. He challenges our ideas and makes sure we stay on the right track.


Ask Mario Mario is our e-commerce expert. He ensures that our website does all it is meant to, efficiently and securely. He has taught us how to run a great online store. He continually monitors our website to ensure that we are always giving you a great service.


Stef and I are still hoping to make knitters and crocheters of these guys. Watch this space!