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Serendipity Shawl Kit in Purple and Beige, close-up
Serendipity Shawl Kit in Eco-Fusion. Fawn and Paris
Serendipity Shawl Kit in Eco-Fusion. Sahara and Pecan
Serendipity Shawl Kit in Eco-Fusion. Anvil and Mist.
Serendipity Shawl Kit in Purple and Beige

Serendipity Shawl Kit | A knit pattern by Carle Dehning

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The Serendipity Shawl, a simple knitted shawl by Carle Dehning

Here at Good Loops, we simply love this easy and soothing shawl pattern! It was designed by Carle, to celebrate the launch of her new yarn Eco-Lush, a gorgeous sock weight yarn blended from cotton and bamboo.

Eco-Lush is ultra-soft, almost buttery in texture. It glides gently on your needles and is a perfect yarn to use if you have particularly sensitive skin. Made from 40% bamboo and 60% cotton, the bamboo strand has a subtle shimmer, and the cotton is matte. 

The Serendipity Shawl is an asymmetrical, triangular shawl, constructed in growing panels of stockinette stitch and very simple lace in a contrasting colour. It drapes as well as silk, but it won't give your wallet as big of a shock! 

This is the perfect pattern to get to know this fabulous new yarn- as well as for beginners that would like to take their knitting to the next step!

My favourite colorway is the purple and beige: it reminds me of gorgeous dawn skies. My serendipity shawl has become a staple of my wardrobe- I simply cannot resist its drape and softness!

WHILE STOCKS LAST ONLY: We printed copies of the pattern for NYC- order your kit first to make sure you don't miss out on your printed copy! Alternatively, the pattern is available here: SERENDIPITY SHAWL

PS- That's my shawl in the pictures!